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Concerts in LIMb0 #3 - janoide1
a dual sound art concert in secondlife and the real world.

saturday june 16

a live concert in buenos aires' museum of modern art and vibration institute's secondlife headquarters presenting sound textures by santiágo peresón [yaco] and works by oe3, a prototype non-human composer, performed in real time. visual installations and video performance presented by los angeles audio/visual artist computo.

secondlife - 3:00 pm slt
vibration institute
kitsune (32, 112, 681)

buenos aires - 19:00 art
museo de arte moderno
av. corrientes 172, segundo piso


Concerts in LIMb0 07 #3

Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art
Av. Corrientes 172, second floor.
Coordination: Jorge Haro

Saturday, June 16th, 19:00 ART
José Manuel Berenguer [Spain]
oe3+yaco (Santiágo Peresón) [Argentina]

Arnet - Telecom
Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires (CCEBA).


Concerts in LIMb0
(buenos aires 0 Multidisciplinary Research Lab)

Concerts in LIMb0 are part of a new musical expression and sound art promotion program, based on aesthetic and technical research in the crossroad areas between artistic languages and new technologies. This research and promotion activity has been going on since 2002, not only as concerts but also including conferences, lectures, workshops and art installations. Some previous participants in the Concerts in LIMb0 series have been: Sergi Jordá (Spain), Manuel Rocha Iturbide (Mexico), Pablo Reche (Argentina), Jorge Castro (Argentina), Daniel Varela (Argentina), Rubén García (Spain), Francisco López (Spain), Szkieve (Belgium/Canada), Audio Das Poly (Argentina), Zbigniew Karkowski (Poland), Antón Ignorant (Spain), Xavier Erkizia (Spain), Christian Gallarreta (Peru), Noema (Argentina), Brian Mackern (Uruguay), Víctor Nubla (Spain), Juan Reyes (Colombia), Cornucopia (Puerto Rico), Jorge Sad (Argentina), Christian Dergarabedian (Argentina), Andrés y Ralf (Argentina), and Wilson Sukorski (Brazil).

The project has been possible thanks to the support from the following institutions: Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, Centro Cultural de España de Buenos Aires, Centro Cultural España-Córdoba, Centro Cultural Parque de España de Rosario, Centro Cultural de España en Montevideo, Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Universidad de Tres de Febrero, Embajada de México, Embajada de España, Embajada de Perú, Embajada de Colombia, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Posadas (Misiones), Laboratorio de Investigación y Producción Musical (LIPM) del Centro Cultural Recoleta de Buenos Aires, and Universidad de Palermo.



oe3 is a non-human composer prototype developed by Santiágo Peresón as part of oveja eléctrica (electric sheep), an ongoing project with the goal of creating an artificial composer: a system that, through processes spawned inside one or more computers, will be able to write music in a non-random, independent way, and with the least possible influence by the programmer/meta-composer's tastes or aesthetic criteria. Oveja Eléctrica received the first prize in the Multidisciplinary Experimental Project category (2003 LIMb0 Prize) from the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art.

Santiágo Peresón [yaco] was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1971. He has been working on experimental music composition processes since the 90's, including algorythmic composition, meta-composition (creation of systems that create sounds) and non determined methods. His works have been performed in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Antwerp (Belgium), Brussels (Belgium), Córdoba (Argentina), Linz (Austria), Lima (Peru) and San José, U.S.A. He participated in the 1997 Ars Electronica Festival (Informationsmaschine Mensch), Linz; 1998 2ArCon concert series at the Scala de San Telmo, Buenos Aires; 2006 Video/Art/Electronic International Festival (VAE10), Lima, Peru; and in the re:mote series of the Thirteenth International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA2006), San José, U.S.A.


Computo (Joe Caputo)

Computo is an electronic music composer/performer from Los Angeles, CA. Utilizing software, including programs he designed himself, as well as incorporating all types of new and archaic analog and digital electronics, Computo performs all genres of electronic music, from drum'n'bass to glitch, to breaks, and IDM. Born out of the ashes of a terrible accident, Computo is no more man than he is machine...

Computo was once a man, Joe Caputo. A graduate of the Berklee College of Music and an accomplished jazz and classical musician, Joe had performed with many jazz legends including Wynton Marsalis and Kenwood Dennard. At Berklee, Joe extensively studied music synthesis and sampling, as well as sound design, with professor of Synthesis, Dr. Richard Boulanger.

Joe had toured throughout the globe, including all over Europe, but on the fateful night of the accident, Joe was at home, falling asleep under his monolithic towers of studio equipment. Somehow, the towers fell, crushing Joe beneath almost a ton of electronics. After the accident, Joe was left more machine than man; a computer monitor permanently fused to his body in place of his head.

In the haze of the accident, Computo began compulsively building electronics. He built a number of instruments including the Guitum (a programmable electronic percussion instrument crafted from an old guitar,) that became Computos obsession.

Computo has made appearances performing original music throughout the United States, including performances with Boston's famed Club Delf. Since his arrival in LA in July 2005, he has performed with Edit (Planet Mu, Alpha Pup), Daedelus (Ninja Tune), Boom Bip (Warp, Lex), Terminal 11 and 8 Frozen Modules, among others. Computo has performed on multiple college-radio stations including Emerson College Radios renowned Revolutions, electronic music radio show (WERS 88.9 Boston).



Vibration Institute

The mission of Vibration Institute is to maximize musical innovation by leveraging the power of rapid and radical technological change.

We act as a networking and information center for those seeking to improve the human future by using music technology.

By this means we hope to expand the possibilities of human life, augment intelligence, optimize psychology, improve social systems, and get our groove on.

Vibration Institute was launched with a series of live performances at the MIAMBIENT festival in Miami Beach in March 2007. We currently operate both an online record label and a live performance space in Second Life, where we explore the possibilities of performance and collaboration in virtual worlds.



John von Seggern

John von Seggern is the Artistic Director of Vibration Institute.

John von is a producer, sound designer, DJ and writer, relocated to Southern California in 2001 after a decade spent in Asia (Tokyo and Hong Kong to be exact) touring and recording with some of the region's most influential musical acts and artists. He currently lives in Los Angeles, where he performs his unique blend of techno electro jazz ambient music with some of the city's top musicians.

His avatar Johnvon Watanabe runs Vibration Institute's live performance space in Second Life and creates original minimal techno and ambient soundscape performances at venues throughout the virtual world.

Johnvon Watanabe will play a minimal techno set at the Second Life reception after the performance by oe3+yaco.